Realizzazione prototipi moda

From the creative idea to the physical prototype.

We offer you the advantages of a single partner capable of meeting tight deadlines and costs.

Produzione campioni moda

From a special project to sampling. We manage the entire production process efficiently for you.

Produzione accessori moda

Entrust us with your production, even on a large scale, to obtain competitive costs and a unique and reliable service.

There is much we can do for you

Entrust us with lines of hats, bags and backpacks in more complex and important fabrics.

Use the time you save. It is essential to have a partner who can offer you solutions.

Choose a solid company that guarantees you all-Italian

craftsmanship and advanced technologies

Evaluate a new partner and more benefits

Get in touch with us and test the costs, time and parameters of a contract.

Others have already done this test and know the value of our services.


Tell us about yourself

Do you manage a quality brand and are you looking for a partner to entrust with the prototyping, samples and production of fashion accessories such as bags, backpacks or hats?