The Privacy Policy is an integral part of the following Cookie Policy, including the rights that the user may enforce by contacting the above addresses.

Pursuant to articles 13 and 14 GDPR and 122 of Legislative Decree no. 196/2003 (“Law on the Protection of Personal Data”), as amended by Legislative Decree 101/2018 and in accordance with the provisions of resolution dated 8.05.2014 issued by the Authority for the protection of personal data, for the purpose of identifying simplified methods for the communication and acquisition of consent on the use of cookies – published in Official Gazette no. 126 dated 3.06.2014 – and in compliance with all subsequent explanations, the Data Controller hereby provides its own Cookie Policy.

This Cookie Policy provides users with information relevant to article 13 of the so-called Privacy Law, and gives a specific and analytical description of the characteristics and purposes of the cookies installed on the website, allowing the user to select/deselect individual cookies.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small strings of codes that any website the user visits sends to its terminal (generally to a browser such as: Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, etc.), where they are stored and then transmitted when required, or when the user accesses the same websites again.

Why are they useful?

Thanks to cookies, the websites you visit recognise your devices, thus improving your browsing experience. One of the many purposes of cookies is to allow the user to browse the pages of a website more easily, reminding the user of its favourite websites and memorising the language, etc.; cookies also help to ensure that the on-line advertising contents displayed are more specific to the interests of the user.

How do I select or disable cookies?

Without prejudice to the fact that the prior consent of the user must be obtained if profiling cookies are installed, most browsers automatically accept cookies. By modifying the settings of your browser, cookies may be restricted or blocked. To manage cookies, you should read the instruction manual or directions provided by your browser following the paths shown hereunder (for most common browsers):





If you use more than one browser, you should repeat the procedure to delete the cookies for each browser. If you use different devices (such as a smartphone or tablet), please read the instruction manual of your device for information on how to uninstall the cookies.

Please be aware that if you decide to block cookies, this may prevent the proper functioning of the website, given that some cookies are strictly required for browsing.

How many types of cookie are there?

Cookies are classified in different ways:

according to the DURATION, and in this case the cookie may be a “session” cookie (that is automatically deleted when you close the browser) or a “persistent” cookie (that remains active until its expiry date or deletion by the user);

according to the ORIGIN, and in this case the cookie may be a “first party” cookie (sent to the browser directly from the website you are visiting) or a “third party” cookie (sent to the browser by other websites and not from the website you are visiting);

according to the SCOPE, and in this case the cookie may be a “technical” or “profiling” cookie. Browsing cookies, that are indispensable, performance, process, or security cookies are “technical” cookies; function, preference, localisation and session state cookies are also “technical” cookies; finally, first-party statistical-analytical cookies or third-party cookies with IP masking, without crossing data, are “technical” cookies. The prior consent of the user is not required for the installation of “technical” cookies. Third-party statistical-analytical cookies without IP masking and without crossing data, are “profiling” cookies; advertising, publicity, tracking or conversion cookies are also “profiling” cookies. The prior consent of the user is required for the installation of “non-technical” cookies.

What cookies does this website use?

Technical cookies:

this website uses “technical” cookies, without which, some operations would be very complex or even impossible to execute. The prior consent of the user is not required for the installation of technical cookies; they may be first or third-party cookies, session or persistent cookies.

These are are so-called technical cookies that are strictly necessary and which allow you to browse this website more easily and use the essential characteristics of the website, such as digital authentication, storage of previous activities, memorisation of products you have viewed recently. By blocking the use of these cookies, your browsing experience may be compromised and some essential services may not be provided (such as authentication and use of the shopping cart for purchases).

This website also uses so-called function cookies to improve the browsing experience by memorising user preferences, such as language, name and location. Moreover, these cookies may be used to provide services in a proactive manner, through live chat sessions, or to prevent the user from receiving services that it has refused. By blocking these cookies, your browsing experience will not be compromised, but you may not be able to use all the services offered.

This website may install technical cookies to memorise your consent. We suggest that you do not block these cookies since they allow the owner of the website to memorise your consent.

Third-party cookies:

this website uses technical and profiling third-party cookies, including some session and persistent cookies.

The “analytical” technical cookies used on this website do not entail any processing of personal data (such as the name and surname of the user, or IP address), since the data is collected in aggregate form merely for statistical purposes and the website owner uses tools to reduce the identification capacity of the analytic cookies used (for example, by masking large parts of the IP address).

Third-party profiling cookies, on the other hand, are activated only once consent has been obtained from the user. To give your consent, click “OK” on the banner on the homepage or any other page of the website.

Profiling cookies help to improve the services offered, and are used to select and post ads according to the preferences and tastes expressed by the user during browsing. Use of profiling cookies for targeted advertising messages does not imply the display of multiple ads, nor does it interfere with your browsing experience.

If profiling cookies are deleted, general advertising messages will be displayed which are not in line with the interests and tastes expressed by the user when browsing.

The third-party cookies used on this website are not directly controlled by the website owner, so that to disable the same, or for more detailed information, please follow the procedures described below:

1) click on to obtain more information on the concept of behavioural advertising and the third-party cookies, promotional and targeting cookies stored on the terminal. You may in any case disable all or some of these cookies by clicking on the following link:


2) the third-party cookies used on this web site are listed below. To manage and disable these cookies, you require access to the privacy policies and consent forms of the third parties in question, by clicking on the links indicated

The website uses Google Analytics for the installation of technical analytical cookies on the user’s terminal, with IP masking. The data generated by Google Analytics are stored in accordance with the terms indicated by the privacy policy that is available at the following address:

The Privacy Police of Google Inc. may be viewed at the following address:

You may disable Google Analytics by installing the opt-out add-on on your browser supplied at the following address:

Blocking these cookies will not compromise your browsing experience.

Buttons and widgets of social networks are present on the website to facilitate interaction with the social platforms and to share the contents of the pages of this website.

In particular, there are buttons on the pages of this site to improve the user’s browsing experience by sharing content on social networks such as Facebook and Instagram.

Some pages of the website have interactive maps provided by Google Inc., that may install cookies to detect information and your preferences relevant to the service. For more information on this service and to disable the cookies, please read Google’s privacy policy:

Some pages of the website have interactive maps provided by Google Inc., that may install cookies to detect information and your preferences relevant to the service. For more information on this service and to disable the cookies, please read Google’s privacy policy:

The handling of the information collected by third parties is regulated by the corresponding information notices, to which reference must be made in case of need of clarification. The owner of the treatment is not responsible for the actions of third-party cookies/plugins on its own website.

Blocking all the above third-party cookies will not compromise your browsing experience, but may compromise the quality of the services offered by the website.

For more information, above all on how to disable the third-party profiling cookies sent to your browser when you browse this website, please see:

or write to the following addresses:

  • for e-mails:
  • for registered letters with acknowledgement of receipt: via Trieste 26/A, int. 1, post code. 36065 Mussolente (VI), Italy.